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Drawings, Sculpture, Prints, Paintings

Joel T. Keener Studio

"The Edge"  2023


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WARNING: Some pages contain images of the nude figure and may not be suitable for all ages or sensibilities.

When I considered the theme for this website, I was in the process of proposing a book of my drawings and techniques. Since then, I have retired from my tenure in higher education and have devoted my efforts to sculpture. In creating the first two pieces, I realize that “My Own Lines” is the underlying structure that gives emphasis and form to both my drawings and sculptures.

The Galleries

New Work - 2022-23

Drawings - Spanning over 40 years

Sculpture - Old and New

Other - Painting, Digital Art, Prints, and Sketches

NOTE: To view images larger right click on the image,

select "open image in new tab" from the menu

Artworks are for sale NEW PRICING! PM me for availability and shipping.

Please use the email link above or the contact form on the next page. I will respond within 24-48 hrs. 

Listed image sizes are without frame, an 18x24 artwork has a frame size of 22x28

I offer private art instruction in drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.

Please contact me with the contact form on the next page.

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