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Energy Drawing

The early '80s found me with some serious artist block. I started scribbling on a smooth bristol board searching for inspiration and experimented with layering using various pencils. I discovered the beauty of 2H, HB, 2B, and 4B.
I called this process "energy drawing" because of the energetic unguided strokes in applying the graphite. Several hundred of these were produced, but not many were finished. I will speak more when I believe the artwork is finished. The artworks below are samples of those early explorations on smooth bristol. Smooth bristol has a textureless surface, so the graphite lays on the material's surface. This makes it difficult to achieve dark blacks, and when attempted, the graphite becomes shiny. However, I liked the surface because I could erase all the way back to bright white if I chose to or blend the lines into soft tones using a vinyl eraser or paper stump, and today I have added a vinyl shaper to create beautiful tones and textures. 

Of note: Even though they are titled, signed, and framed.......are they finished? They are as finished as they will ever be. The term "energy drawing" refers to "intuitive" drawing or "stream of consciousness" drawing.

Encrusted                                                           Ichabod's Ride                                                   Contemplation
                                                           Pencil on smooth bristol  14x17

Elf King                                                                     Trophy                                                                      Frog Quartet
                                                               Pencil on smooth bristol  14x17

Copyright 1994-2023 Joel T. Keener
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