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Paintings, Digital, Prints, and Sketches

To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before (spoof on Star Trek) - Acrylic on Panel

Nevermore! - Color Pencil and watercolor Pencil on watercolor paper

Study of archers (from life)

Shooting Apples - Mixed Media with Silver Point on watercolor paper mounted on masonite.

Shoot Appl

Sketch for The Summoning

Oil sketch for The Summoning

My Dragon - Pencil on smooth Bristol 17x14 
(Energy Drawing)

My Dragon - Hand-colored Print

Vamp - Pencil on smooth Bristol 14x17

Blood Moon - Acrylic on board

St. Joan and the Dragon - Pencil on smooth Bristol 14x17
(energy drawing)

St. Joan and the Dragon - Hand-colored print

MKS_St Joan and the Dragon.jpg

Self-portrait as a pirate - Pencil on smooth Bristol 17x14

Scanned drawing and painted in Adobe Photoshop. Prints on archival paper

The Gods of Thebes: The Contest; - Digital Print created in Adobe Photoshop using photo images I took in Egypt and scanned drawings I made for the archers and ram's head.


Copyright 1994-2023 Joel T. Keener
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