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Listed here are my go-to books for knowledge and reference. I have included the Author, Publisher, and ISBN.

Included also are Companies I purchase supplies from and have been consistently reliable over time.

Drawing and Reference Publications

Most of my reference comes from life, nature, emotion, practice, long hours in the studio, reflection, determination, and joy.

List Title

Loomis, A. (2011). Figure Drawing for all it's Worth.

Titan Books. ISBN 9780857680983 

Originally published 1943

List Title

Loomis, A. (2012). Creative Illustration.

Titan Books. ISBN 9781845769284

List Title

Bridgman, G. R. (2017). Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life. Sterling Publishing 

ISBN: 9781434926535

List Title

De Reyna, R. (1996). How to Draw What You See. 

Watson-Guptill Publications. ISBN 0823023753

List Title

Palffy, G. Senior  Editor. (2017) Artist's Drawing Techniques. 

DK Penguin Random House. ISBN 9781465461742

Suppliers and Links - Great source of everything, with great availability, service & prices.  This site has hundreds of publications for FREE downloads in several formats from pdf to epub. They are grateful for donations. Dick Blick Art Supplies & Utrecht Art Supplies  Sculpture House. Quality Sculpting materials & tools.


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