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The Early Years

The two felt tip ink and watercolor drawings below were made in high school and changed how I saw and drew from tightly constrained lines to loose and free lines. The experience was magical and resulted from a patient and awesome art teacher. Note the wrinkled paper and large sheets of aged watercolor paper that have become brittle over time.
I pursued pencil after high school and have continued enjoying the limitless potential of pencil drawing to this day. 


Early Tree.jpg
High School Trees.jpg

1. Tree Study - 1963 
Ink & watercolor on 23x36" watercolor paper

2. Trees - 1963
Ink & watercolor on 23x36" watercolor paper

3. The Humorist - 1964
pen & ink on
watercolor paper 8x10

4. Greek Hoplite - 1964
(from Bridgman)  pen & ink on
drawing paper 11x14

Mark Twain.jpg
Stippled Nude.jpg
Birth of Venus.jpg

5. Stipple Nude - 1969 pen &ink on
drawing paper 9x12

6. Birth of Venus - Pencil on
poster board 7.5x13.5


7. Femme Fatale - 1972
Pencil on poster board 7.5x13.5

The first six drawings were done in high school.
Femme Fatale was done in my first year in college after serving in the Navy where I hung out with several other artists. My drawing perception and skills advanced.

Copyright 1994-2023 Joel T. Keener
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