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Portraits & Faces

Drawing, painting, or sculpting portraits is a discipline in itself, a world apart from other venues, and always a challenge to "capture" the personality and character of the person. The most difficult portrait for me has been my self-portraits. A most interesting fact is no two self-portraits are ever the same.

<< 1. Two self-portrait drawings circa 1994.

2. Below self-portrait from a photo op in pencil on Bristol 14x17 2005
The next color portrait is from the pencil drawing scanned into and painted in Adobe Photoshop 2005

3. The last and most recent self-portrait is from a photo op. 18x24 medium-weight drawing paper 2018

1. Johny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
22x30 Arches white drawing paper
c. 2004

2. Levi West portrayed by Carl the Pirate.
18x24 medium weight drawing paper
Private Collection

1. Elf Queen - 18x24 medium-weight drawing paper
Private Collection

2. The Light That You Shine - Strathmore Sketch from an ad. Size and date are a mystery.
Private Collection 

1. Nevermore! - A colored pencil and watercolor pencil drawing from an insurance ad of Edger Allen Poe.

2. Pan & Calypso - 17x14 smooth Bristol
(energy drawing) 

1. Veiled Beauty - 24x18 medium weight drawing paper. 2010

2. Ursula - 11x14 sketch paper

Copyright 1994-2023 Joel T. Keener
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